Impact of printing surfaces with UV-curable inks on sound absorption DOI 10.14622/JPMTR-2003

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Vlado Kitanovski
Jonny Nersveen
Anton Strand
Marius Pedersen


The recent UV-curable inks, used in modern inkjet printing systems, bring several advantages and therefore a potential to expand to new applications, including décor printing. In this work, we investigate the impact of printing with UV-curable inks on sound absorption. The sound absorption curves of three different sound-absorbing decorative wall plates are calculated from the reverberation times measured in a reverberation room. The comparison between the sound absorption from unprinted and printed decorative plates showed that printing with UV-curable inks has no significant impact on the sound absorbing characteristics of materials.

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Kitanovski, V. ., Nersveen, J. ., Strand, A., & Pedersen, M. (2020). Impact of printing surfaces with UV-curable inks on sound absorption: DOI 10.14622/JPMTR-2003. Journal of Print and Media Technology Research, 9(2), 95–101. Retrieved from
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