A new approach to fuzzy logic analysis of Indian currency recognition

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Sonia Sarkar
Arun Kiran Pal


In the modern society the advancement and development in the field of scanning and printing technology is rapidly increasing day by day. This gives rise to the generation of counterfeit currency notes in the economy. The goal of this present investigation is to limit the circulation of fake currency notes using logic that can be also referred as fuzzy logic. This paper deals with the utility of fuzzy logic in the domain of Indian currency notes. An integrated banknote detection system implementing a fuzzy-based security features classifier has been developed. The important security features that have been considered are on the basis of the Indian denominations used as well as present in foreign currency notes. The rules that have been developed are formulated upon logic, observation, people’s feedback and experiences while dealing with currency notes. With the help of the Surface Viewer several output surfaces have been generated upon varying the security features with each other. This gives an evaluation approach to the existing security features for controlling banknote forgery.

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Sarkar, S., & Kiran Pal, A. (2022). A new approach to fuzzy logic analysis of Indian currency recognition. Journal of Print and Media Technology Research, 11(2), 119–128. Retrieved from http://jpmtr.org/index.php/journal/article/view/47
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