Multi-criteria choosing the method to print a job

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Rostislav G. Moginov
Alexander L. Vorozhtsov
Yuri V. Kuznetsov


The choice of printing method for this or other print product depends on many factors and, in particular, on the type and characteristics of a publication such as its volume, and the urgency of an order. The optimal selection from the available methods variety strives to get the best “price–quality–time” ratio. The issues with finding the best solutions to achieve the set goals with limited resources have always been faced by people. The concept of decision-making considers a decision a conscious choice of one of many options. At present, in connection with the growing needs of practice, an interdisciplinary scientific direction is actively developing. One of its sectors is the mathematical theory of decision-making under many criteria. With the exemplary choice of a particular print job (publication), the multi-criteria task of printing technology choice and the effect of a job volume on the cost and time of its manufacture are considered in the light of Edgeworth–Pareto principle.

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Moginov, R. G., Vorozhtsov, A. L., & Kuznetsov, Y. V. (2023). Multi-criteria choosing the method to print a job. Journal of Print and Media Technology Research, 12(2), 67–72. Retrieved from
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