Embracing integrated tech in graphic communications: Industry 5.0 perspectives

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Reem El Asaleh
Lucille Trepanier
Areej Syeda


This study provides a holistic overview of integrated technologies, covering examples such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), big data (BD), machine learning (ML), and extended reality (XR) and their applications within the graphic communications industry. By leveraging a systematic literature review utilizing both quantitative and qualitative publications, this study aims to answer the following question: “In the graphic communications industry, do the implementations of integrated technologies have an impact on the quality of performance of organizations and the users who have adopted them in the previous 10 years?”. Identified publications are selected in order to contain a variety of different perspectives from a multitude of authors to make it clear that new approaches containing unprecedented use of integrated technologies are bringing continuous development and change, both positive and negative. They will reshape our current approach to technology in the graphic communications industry and will therefore transform the way lives are lived. A pilot study was conducted by Syeda and El Asaleh in 2022 about the integrated technologies available in the graphic communications industry. This study expands on previously existing research, now encompassing a more in-depth analysis to continue to shed light on existing implementation. These new opportunities and existing limitations will aid in determining the path the future of the graphic communications industry will take in the revolution of Industry 5.0. This paper is part of ongoing research at The Creative School of Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly known as Ryerson). It will serve as a basis on which further research will be conducted, as the topic is one that is often neglected and overlooked within the field of graphic communications.

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El Asaleh, R., Trepanier, L., & Syeda, A. (2024). Embracing integrated tech in graphic communications: Industry 5.0 perspectives. Journal of Print and Media Technology Research, 13(1), 17–34. Retrieved from https://jpmtr.org/index.php/journal/article/view/162
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