Colour management of tablet devices

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Reem El Asaleh
Daniel Langsford


As of now, the creation and use of tablet devices in society have been strictly focused on the benefits for commercial use. While other devices such as monitors or cameras are capable of device-specific colour management, tablet devices have been left behind with only manufactured colour adjustments available. This has resulted in a limited use of tablet devices such as the Windows Surface, Apple’s iPads and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S, in the professional/printing industry. In particular, the use of these tablets have had limited integration with an already existing and functioning colour management workflow. This study analyzed and identified the colour reproduction capabilities of specific tablet devices so that possible workflow or industry integrations can be established. The study evaluated each device through the creation of an ICC profile using i1Profiler. The profiles were then compared using Macbeth ColorChecker Classic Chart for key colour comparison and IT8.7/4 for colour difference values (∆E00). Amongst all profiles, general colour gamut was observed using ColorThink Pro software. The outcome of the tests has shown that each device tested thoroughly resulted in an acceptable industry set CIEDE2000 standards with average values below 3. It was also seen that each device is limited by various roadblocks or concerns when looking for future integration into professional industry workflows. Overall, while technically usable, the use of tablet devices in the professional/printing industry depends on the extent to which this industry accepts to integrate these devices in their workflows.

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