Technologies for using Big Data in the paper and printing industry

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Igor Karlovits


The paper gives a review about the possibilities of using Big Data technologies in the print industry. Current situation and research are presented with a brief overview and description of the data mining process. Process parameters readouts and process modelling by using problem-solving methods open up new possibilities for production efficiency. Different authors have provided solutions for print and print quality related problems by data collection through sensor readouts and real-time monitoring of different production system variables. Major production techniques (offset and flexo printing) have been partly investigated and monitored through closed inline controls, or metadata communication with the use of Job Definition Format. The researchers have found possibilities in solving particular print or production related issues with the use of Big Data techniques or its subsets, but still, no integrated market ready solution exists. A theoretical framework for a corrugated production factory is shortly presented, outlining possible applications and connections for a fully integrated data mining system that could bring the Industry 4.0 in the printing sector.

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